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Your Place Your Space is all about the engagement and involvement of community in the shaping of places, the making of places and the promotion of places.

Both digitally and creatively, we engage and we involve people in their place.

The shaping, making and promotion of place

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For sustained and lasting social and economic impact

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Engaging and involving community in what matters

Giving community more than just a say

We involve people

We help give people a voice

We support community as influencers

Your Place Your Space

Digital and Us is a community based suite of services provided by YourPlaceYourSpace


We gather insight

With conversations, surveys, polls and focus groups, we gather the insight and analyse the sentiment behind the creative passion and opinion within community.

Here for example is insight gathered from creative and placemaking conversations run before, during and following the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

"As a community, we just need to join forces"

"Let go be yourself, express yourself"

"Shine a light on creativity"

"People just want to be involved"

"Bring people together"

"I'm completely blown away..."

View more conversations

We create content and publish digitally

With film, video, photography, drone footage and VR, we engage, involve and inform community about their places and their creative opportunities.

Here for example is content created and published before, during and following the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

Growing community collaborations

Showcasing places to visit and explore

Promoting events and creative spaces

Promoting and supporting hospitality

Helping develop new partnerships

Engaging community

Recognising community contribution

Inspiring community going forward

We create interactive maps

With flexible and personalised maps, we connect community with their place.

Here are examples of interactive maps created in the lead up to the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham. In just a few months, they were viewed over 1.2 million times. Take the links to view.

Promoting places

Birmingham Gems Map

Making and shaping places

Its Your Build map

Promoting culture and creativity

Birmingham Gems Art Map

For health and wellbeing

Birmingham Gems Rivers and Green Spaces Map

We create maps and trails

With a suite of digital tools, and together with community, we map places for people to enjoy.

Here are examples of maps and trails created.

Showcasing parks and open spaces

Showcasing modern architecture

Showcasing historic buildings

Birmingham Gems Historic Builds trail Map

Showcasing public art

Birmingham Gems public art Map

Products and Services

A full range of digital products and services are available to ensure you and your community are connected with people engaged and involved in making, shaping and promoting the places in which they live and work.

This can be made available on license or managed and delivered by the YourPlaceYourSpace team.

Collaborative workspace

This dedicated access rights environment contains all the digital tools needed to run and manage all your collaborations across community. In workspace, and together with others, build and share knowledge, gather fresh insight, create reports and share content. Create and run surveys, open up discussions or chat in confidence. Analyse findings and sentiment with access to both traditional tools and artificial intelligence.

Community passport

This digital gateway provides access to a flexible digital space that members of your community can personalise according to their own interests and passions.

Rewards and gamification

Optional and available in many different forms, gamification can be employed as an effective way of increasing levels of community participation by recognising and rewarding contribution. Let us show you how.


YourPlaceYourSpace offers an extensive and growing suite of mapping solutions for gathering insight, engaging community and promoting places.

Digital platforms (branded or integrated)

YourPlaceYourSpace will create an online space for you to connect and engage with your customers and your community.

Digital spaces can be integrated as part of existing websites or created with their own branding and styling to suit.

Insight, research and consultation

Whether collecting evidence, running surveys and polls, managing discussions or hosting focus groups, we will provide the information and insight you need.

About us

YourPlaceYourSpace is all about ensuring the effective engagement and involvement of people in their place, both now and in the future.

We create digital spaces and digital channels for people who together can create social and economic impact.

At YourPlaceYourSpace we ensure people are given the tools, the skills and the freedom to make a difference, make an impact and influence the future.

YourPlaceYourSpace combines digital and traditional solutions to create environments that engage and inspire people to connect and collaborate in the delivery of social value, economic impact and growth.


Jonathan Bostock
Your Place Your Space

T: 0121 410 5520


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