This initiative, giving people with creativity "a voice" and ultimately "an influence" over the future of creativity in their place, was launched in the lead up to the Commonwealth Games and continues at pace.

Thousands of people have viewed and continue to view the video clips shared on social media and included below.

Philanthropy, together with support from established artists and potential investors, has enabled the initiative to progress and demonstrate what is possible through the engagement and involvement of community.

The opportunity now exists for local government, business and community to take the initiative to new heights, gathering even greater insight and use the insight to shape and make the future of their place.


Now please take a look below at a selection of the insight we continue to gather.


Insight from people with creativity.

Creative opportunities from providers of creative spaces.

Inspirational advice from creative mentors.

Full length conversations and tours.


from people with creativity

Colin, a musician and artist, says .....

"Birmingham needs to show what it's made of ....... there's a lot of talent. In Birmingham ..... Let go, be yourself, express yourself ....."

Willard, a micro sculpture, says .....

"Birmingham is a breeding ground of talent ..... it is full of diamonds ...... they just need encouragement ......."

The team behind PoliNations say .....

"The best thing about Birmingham is its people ..... such a multi-cultural vibrant place ....."

Tom, an illustrator, says .....

"A lot of creatives and artists work at home, so more markets and social events would be good ......."

Abigail, a designer, says .....

"Coming from a creative background, help in setting up in business would be really good ...... help with accounts and promotion ....."

Emma, an artist, says .....

"As a community, we just need to join forces ... there are some fantastic projects going on across Birmingham and we just need to collaborate a bit more ....."

Jacob, a sculpture, says .....

"I love how the city has developed over the years ......"

Alex, an artist, says .....

"Some kind of service where people could talk to people like myself ......"

Bryony, a homewear maker, says .....

".... it's all about community and people wanting to feel part of something ..... great for mental health."

Daniel Lopez, an artist, says ....

"I fell in love with the city .... so much vibrancy .... I consider myself a 'brummie'"

Tamsin, of the PoliNations team, says .....

"..... we wanted to talk about how forests grow in the wild ..... "

More to add. Watch this space.

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Creative and Placemaking opportunities

from providers of creative spaces

Sash, of the PoliNations team, says .....

"..... people are taking ownership of this space and treating it with immense care ....."

Corey, from the hospitality sector, says .....

"You have the music, you have the art .... it really flourishes creativity ......"

Marcus, from the property sector, says .....

"No idea too crazy"

Matt, from providers of place, says .....

"Bringing people together in a shared sense of place is what we're all about ....."

The team behind PoliNations say .....

“The joy on people’s faces is phenomenal ..... showcases what can be done in cities.”

More to add. Watch this space.

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Inspiration and advice

from mentors of people with creativity

Jacob, a sculptor, says .....

"If you have a passion, pursue it .... give it your all .... a hobby might become a profession ...."

Willard, a micro sculptor, says .....

".... always think of positive things .... never give up .... believe what you can achieve ...."

The PoliNations team say .....

"..... there's creativity in everyone ..... just give it a go ....."

View our 'PoliNations - a spectacular garden in Victoria Square' feature

More to add. Watch this space.

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Full length conversations and tours

with people and across places

Janet Douglas gives us a tour of .....

....her exhibition "The chapters of our lives"; talks about her family influences; and many other topics.

The PoliNations team talk about ....

.... community engagement; creative opportunity; collaboration in creativity; wellbeing and creativity; and many other topics.

Dawinder Bansal talks about ....

.... family influences on her creativity ; the British Asian influences; creative opportunities; and many other topics.

Dr Willard Wigan MBE talks about ....

.... his early childhood dealing with Autism; his treatment at school; the way others recognised his artistic gift; and many other topics.

More to add. Watch this space.

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About Creative and Placemaking Conversations

As can be seen from the connections made and the opinions expressed, creative and placemaking conversations not only provide valuable insight for place-makers but can also open up some great opportunities.

As well as giving people a greater say over creativity in their place, we operate as matchmakers introducing people with creative talent with people and organisations that can offer creative space, collaboration opportunities, work experience and even finance.

In addition, we have the opportunity to build and grow creative networks and advance mentoring which has been identified as important in the creative and placemaking journey.

A full suite of digital engagement products and services have been built to support this journey, all made possible with the help of partners,

We look forward to discussing all forms of partnership arrangements with makers, shapers and promoters of place.

Please connect with us.

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