Let us show you how we engage and involve community in the shaping, making and promotion of their place.

In this example, let us show you how we engage and connect community with their city, in this case Birmingham.

Such content is viewed over 15,000 times a week and has received over 1.4 million views since going live on multiple platforms.


All supported by the largest social media coverage of the built environment of any city.

We map, track and feature all developments

Its Your Build map

We connect community with developments

With videos and trails, we feature developments

We promote the creativity of place

We work with and within community

The engagement and involvement of people is critical to the making and shaping of place.

YourPlaceYourSpace with its unique community passport and collaborative workspace will ensure people are both engaged and involved.

We help ensure the real influencers within your place are given the digital tools and the digital skills required to be involved and make a difference.

Community passport

Community Passport

Community workspace

Community Workspace

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